Availity Phone Number

Availity Phone Number: Need some help with the Availity Provider portal or Availity portal login, then contact the Availity client services at 1-800-282-4548. The customer service is available throughout business days only.

The Availity phone number: 1-800- AVAILITY (1-800-282-4548)


What is Availity Phone Number?

availity phone number

Availity Customer Service

It is referred to as Availity Client Service. These services are available throughout the weekdays only from 8 AM to 8 PM in Eastern Standard Timing. Along with this phone support, customers can raise a support ticket also.

If you wish to submit any ticket, kindly login to availity provider login portal and create a ticket.

Availity Contact

Are you looking to get support for the Availity portal web access, then visit the below official website & get in touch.

Availity Contact Number

To get instant help or support, Call 1-800-282-4548 available between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM EST (Mon – Fri).

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