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We realize that understanding “Meaningful Use” can be somewhat confusing and transitioning your practice to Electronic Health Records can be quite an undertaking.

As an industry leader in (EHR) Electronic Health Record systems, AcroTech will simplify, manage and guide you through the EHR implementation and the Meaningful Use process.

We are pleased to announce that AcroTech is one of several Healthcare IT companies that have been chosen as Educational Field Consultants for NJ-HITEC which is the federally-designated Regional Extension Center in partnership with the Office of the National Coordinator. Patients have dedicated portal at Patient Fusion to access EHR online.

Our mission is to improve the quality and access of healthcare delivery for “ALL’ Eligible healthcare Providers and achieve Meaningful Use of electronic health records by providing:

  • Outreach & Education
  • Needs Assessment
  • Workflow Design…to optimally enhance the patient experience and outcome of care while improving clinical and administrative workflows.
  • Vendor Selection…While being vendor-neutral, AcroTech will help you select a “certified EHR product that offers the best value for the Providers’ needs.
  • Interoperability
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE)
  • Training & Assistance
  • Meaningful Use Training & Achievement…to obtain the HITECH Stimulus money that you DESERVE!

Our Consultants will provide an on-site review of your practice and formulate your unique roadmap to successful EMR adoption! Our company affiliations are:

  • HIMSS (Health Information Management Systems Society)
  • MGMA (Medical Group Management Association)
  • CHBME (Certified Healthcare Billing and Management Executive)
  • PAHCOM (Physicians Association of Healthcare Office Managers)

(The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 ARRA Act) Doctor Image provides financial incentives of up to $64K to Eligible Professionals achieving “Meaningful Use” of certified EHR technology. Wanna pay medical bills online, refer to QuickPayPortal.

Simply put, it means providers need to show they’re using “certified” EHR technology in ways that can be measured significantly in quality and in quantity.

In addition to the financial incentives, Providers will reap such benefits as a reduction in errors, availability of health records and data, patient reminders and alerts, clinical decision support, and e-prescribing automation.

About AcroTech

AcroTech is a full-service Practice Management and Healthcare IT Consulting that has provided Innovation and Excellence in Healthcare Systems since 1999. 

Under the leadership of Antoinette Edmondson, AcroTech’s mission is to improve the quality and access of healthcare delivery by assisting Eligible Healthcare Providers in achieving Meaningful Use of an (EHR) Electronic Health Record EHR system. 

Our Clients are the lifeline to business and therefore we are committed to developing and nurturing our business relationships through trust, honesty, and communication.

We are pleased to announce that we one of several Healthcare IT consulting companies chosen as Educational Field Consultant for NJ-HITEC which is one of the 28 Regional Extension Centers (REC) in partnership with the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for the HITECH EHR Stimulus Incentives. 

Our affiliations are:

  • HIMSS (Health Information Management Systems Society)
  • MGMA (Medical Group Management Association)
  • CHBME (Certified Healthcare Billing and Management Executive)
  • PAHCOM (Physicians Association of Healthcare Office Managers)


AcroTech’s leadership is under the direction of Antoinette Edmondson, CEO.  As a Senior Executive in the Healthcare and Financial industries, Antoinette Edmondson brings a depth of experience in the areas of full practice management and seamless integration of EHR technology. 

With over 25 years of Hospital, Physician, and DME experience, Antoinette has a demonstrated track record of providing strategic solutions for the most challenging and business-critical operational problems.  

She rapidly achieves organizational objectives by leveraging her extensive professional experience, business insight, and team-building skills to deliver stable and progressive results.


In addition to providing a “Free” on-site Needs Assessment to get your practice EHR and Meaningful Use ready, the AcroTech team provides full practice management physician consulting services. Take advantage of our diversified Healthcare IT experience as we work one-on-one with ambulatory physician practices of all specialties and sizes including Chiropractic, Ophthalmology, and Dental practices!

Without disruption to your practice operations, the AcroTech team will focus on providing the business needs to your practice while the practice focuses on the day-to-day clinical needs of your patients!

Our Partners

Practice Fusion provides a free, web-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to physicians. With charting, scheduling, e-prescribing, billing, lab integrations, referral letters, unlimited support and a Personal Health Record for patients, Practice Fusion’s EMR addresses the complex needs of today’s healthcare providers and disrupts the health IT status quo.

Practice Fusion login guarantees that our EHR will be certified and available to all physicians who want to qualify for 2011 EHR stimulus incentive payments. 

Any medical provider in the country can sign up for Practice Fusion’s system in five minutes online, with no cost and no downtime.

Practice Fusion is the fastest growing EMR community in the country with more than 43,000 users. For more information on Practice Fusion, please visit

The Complete Exam (TCE) is pleased to announce that we will be moving towards becoming a Certified EHR System.  More dental professionals than ever have embraced the benefits of creating a “paperless” practice as the healthcare industry has been mandated to use Electronic Health Records.

TCE guarantees to qualify Dentists for the 2011 EHR Stimulus Incentives.  Therefore, you can rest assured that your patient’s health records will meet, even exceed the certification requirements issued by the ONC.

With TCE, information will flow seamlessly from appointment scheduling, charting, treatment plan to billing.  Our software is user-friendly and intuitive because our developers are continually pushing for innovative expansions in functionality and graphics. In addition, TCE easily links with all your preferred digital imaging products as well as Quickbooks.

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